Cheap and Strong Retractable Dog Leads

Welcome to our web site, here to help you find a retractable dog lead that is strong and so will last much longer than the rubbish that is often sold in the supermarkets and other high street stores. We only list extending dog leads on this page that are strong and of a good quality and so will stand up to all of the walks that you and your dog can handle. Beware that most cheap retractable dog leads from supermarkets are rubbish and will break quite quickly whereas you can buy cheap retractable dog leads online that are much stronger. We have found that eBay are the best place to get these and so display their products on the right, I myself use one of the dog leads and it has been fantastic.

In our experience the best choice of dog lead is a Flexi dog lead as they are very well made. They are strong and comfortable and will last a lot longer than the cheap leads that you can buy on the high street; they do cost a little more but they are well worth it as they are so much better. Flexi dog leads go through a thorough series of tests before they are sold and are designed to be strong and long lasting, I personally use a Flexi Comfort and it is easily the best dog lead that I have had (having bought a few cheap ones that each lasted only a few months each).

If you are a dog lover then you will want to give him or her the best walks possible and the key to this is the type of lead that you use and a retractable lead offers the dog so much more freedom than a short lead. A retractable lead is often known as an extendable or extending dog lead but they are all the same in the way that they extend at the persons wish.

A retractable dog lead is ideal because it can be a short lead or a long lead; or anywhere in between. They have a button that when pressed locks the lead at that length and so you can have any length you want. So on the pavement you can have a short lead or if you go into some woods you can have a very long lead without having to let the dog off the lead. And they usually also have a latch next to the button that locks the button down so that you do not have to keep the button pressed down yourself.

A flexi dog lead will also automatically reel in if there is any slack and the button is not pressed and so you will never have the problem of slack lead all over the place and so flexi dog leads really are very easy to use.

When you buy an extending dog lead you need to make sure that you buy the right type and there are two considerations to make; the length of the extendable dog lead and the strength of the dog that you are walking.

The length is only important if you want a really long dog lead as most are at least 3m which is easily enough for most people and dogs. You can however buy a 5m or 8m extendable dog leads and there are even longer ones if you want your dog to have allot of freedom on your walks.

The important thing to is the strength of the retractable dog lead as they can wear out quickly. You may have bought one from a supermarket and seen how quickly the rope can weaken and so ruin the dog lead so a strong extending dog lead is essential and especially if you have a strong or large dog. This is where Flexi are very good as they thoroughly test their dog leads to make sure that they are very strong.

So we suggest that you try one of the dog leads on this page as we only list retractable dog leads that are strong and they come in a variety of lengths and styles.

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